How Social Media Benefits SEO?

If you are in the process of building an SEO campaign, social media has probably been brought to your attention. And while this information is interesting, how exactly does social media influence search engine optimization?

If there are people telling you to invest time and money into using social media for boosting SEO, you definitely want to know what’s the correlation.

1. Additional Promotion Space

Obviously, you are not just going to open a profile and start advertising. But once you gather an audience, there is no telling how much advertising you’ll be able to do. More importantly, you’ll be able to promote content from your site.

Essentially, you can regard social media as traffic funnels to your site. And the more traffic you can send, the more search engines are going to notice.

2. User Engagement

Search engines are looking for sites with low bounce rates. In other words, they want to deliver sites that typically keep visitors engaged for long periods of time. Why? Because it indicates the site has something useful to share.

Now, what if people share your site through their social media profiles? Can you imagine the possibilities and the exposure involved? At the same time, search engines are going to make your site more visible to organic traffic.

3. Branding/Online Presence

In the modern world, branding is a logical step for any site, especially if you aim to stand out from the rest. But how exactly will branding help you to gain more visibility with search engines?

Branding helps you to establish an online presence. And by effectively using social media, you can increase the exposure to your brand. The consequence is a bigger online presence that reaches search engines and their decision where to rank you.

In this case, your site is part of a popular brand, giving it authority and substance.

4. Sharing And Link Building

Coming back to the point where visitors start sharing your content on social media, it’s not an action that stops with social media. There is a big possibility that authority sites can pick up on the shared content and link it back to them.

If you don’t know already, link building forĀ gaining higher rankings is a very effective tool, and through social media, you don’t have to worry about pitching guest posts.

In order to get the edge with your SEO campaign, definitely consider using a social media strategy with it. There are more benefits than you think.