Facts About The Shiatsu Massage Chair

Shiatsu massage chairs are designed to deal with both the theoretical and distinctive medical features of the human body as well as it piousness. Originally, practitioners of this ancient Japanese tradition believes that the body needs a clear flow of energy known as chi-flow in order for optimum functionality. As such, the shiatsu massage chair has been created to do just that.

These chairs can also be referred to as massage reclining chairs and have several features which are aimed at compression and percussion as well as a full shiatsu massage. It contains power rollers which are used for muscle relaxation, body and mind rejuvenation and fatigue reduction. Improved flexibility and even mobility are huge benefits to reap.

Having such an exquisite design, the chair provides a unique combination of sensations to fully relax the body. It gives a kneading, a rolling and even a tapping motion when administered. Having a shiatsu massage chair is also a benefit since it can be used to treat some medical conditions. These being headaches, anxiety, nausea, pulled muscles and even depression.

Several top massage chairs are also considered to be a zero gravity massage chair as well. However, some zero-gravity chairs aren’t created for massages and just simply recline into that position. Massage chairs which recline into the zero-gravity position provide the benefits of increased circulation of the legs and also swelling is greatly reduced. As such, when seated in a zero gravity massage chair and the legs are elevated, above the hearts level, they can also prevent varicose veins.

These shiatsu massage chairs, with the zero-gravity features provide so many benefits. These chairs were created to replicate the ancient Japanese art at its best. It serves to give users the full experience by applying pressure in many ways to the tense areas across the body and fully relaxing them all.