Chignik Bay: How About That

Chignik Bay is a small remote fishing village tucked away on the wet, wind swept chilly coast of Alaska, it sits between layers of old Scandinavian ways and Russian Aleut traditions, which is torn up against modern glories. Chignik is located at Anchorage Bay on the south side of the Alaska Peninsula roughly 450 miles southwest of Anchorage and 250 miles southwest of Kodiak Island.

In the winter, when time never ends, the browns and tans of the alder twigs and dead grass are the only colors you see. Summer is entirely different, with clean and clear waterfalls gushing straight down the mountain. The ocean beach is the place to play when the tide is out. The aroma of salt air and kelp tickle your nose. The jagged mountains and rolling green hills harbor strong winds and constant moisture. The village pulses in May, June, July and August. This is the red salmon season. Then at the peak of fall, a drastic silence falls upon the village. People tend to leave this quiet little community right after they harvest their share of the red salmon. They migrate to places that offer more job opportunities and social flair.

The village has survived because of the canneries. *Quote from Alaska Department of Fish & Game Annual Reports 1-7 1949-1955 pg 24. *In 1878 two canneries packed 8,159 cases of salmon in Alaska thereby launching an industry that was destined to become the largest in the territory.

In 1896 the Hume Bros.& Hume Co., built a cannery on the eastern side of Anchorage Bay. By 1904 it was purchased by North Western Fisheries Co. Through the years this area would always be referred to as Norwestern by the old timers.

The cannery on the town side was built in 1910 by Columbia River Packers, purchased by Alaska Packers Association in 1941, the cannery burned in 1976, and was leased to SEA Alaska in 1977, Aleutian Dragon Fisheries purchased it in 1985, NorQuest purchased the cannery in 1998, and Trident Seafoods purchased it in 2004.

Facts About The Shiatsu Massage Chair

Shiatsu massage chairs are designed to deal with both the theoretical and distinctive medical features of the human body as well as it piousness. Originally, practitioners of this ancient Japanese tradition believes that the body needs a clear flow of energy known as chi-flow in order for optimum functionality. As such, the shiatsu massage chair has been created to do just that.

These chairs can also be referred to as massage reclining chairs and have several features which are aimed at compression and percussion as well as a full shiatsu massage. It contains power rollers which are used for muscle relaxation, body and mind rejuvenation and fatigue reduction. Improved flexibility and even mobility are huge benefits to reap.

Having such an exquisite design, the chair provides a unique combination of sensations to fully relax the body. It gives a kneading, a rolling and even a tapping motion when administered. Having a shiatsu massage chair is also a benefit since it can be used to treat some medical conditions. These being headaches, anxiety, nausea, pulled muscles and even depression.

Several top massage chairs are also considered to be a zero gravity massage chair as well. However, some zero-gravity chairs aren’t created for massages and just simply recline into that position. Massage chairs which recline into the zero-gravity position provide the benefits of increased circulation of the legs and also swelling is greatly reduced. As such, when seated in a zero gravity massage chair and the legs are elevated, above the hearts level, they can also prevent varicose veins.

These shiatsu massage chairs, with the zero-gravity features provide so many benefits. These chairs were created to replicate the ancient Japanese art at its best. It serves to give users the full experience by applying pressure in many ways to the tense areas across the body and fully relaxing them all.

How Social Media Benefits SEO?

If you are in the process of building an SEO campaign, social media has probably been brought to your attention. And while this information is interesting, how exactly does social media influence search engine optimization?

If there are people telling you to invest time and money into using social media for boosting SEO, you definitely want to know what’s the correlation.

1. Additional Promotion Space

Obviously, you are not just going to open a profile and start advertising. But once you gather an audience, there is no telling how much advertising you’ll be able to do. More importantly, you’ll be able to promote content from your site.

Essentially, you can regard social media as traffic funnels to your site. And the more traffic you can send, the more search engines are going to notice.

2. User Engagement

Search engines are looking for sites with low bounce rates. In other words, they want to deliver sites that typically keep visitors engaged for long periods of time. Why? Because it indicates the site has something useful to share.

Now, what if people share your site through their social media profiles? Can you imagine the possibilities and the exposure involved? At the same time, search engines are going to make your site more visible to organic traffic.

3. Branding/Online Presence

In the modern world, branding is a logical step for any site, especially if you aim to stand out from the rest. But how exactly will branding help you to gain more visibility with search engines?

Branding helps you to establish an online presence. And by effectively using social media, you can increase the exposure to your brand. The consequence is a bigger online presence that reaches search engines and their decision where to rank you.

In this case, your site is part of a popular brand, giving it authority and substance.

4. Sharing And Link Building

Coming back to the point where visitors start sharing your content on social media, it’s not an action that stops with social media. There is a big possibility that authority sites can pick up on the shared content and link it back to them.

If you don’t know already, link building forĀ gaining higher rankings is a very effective tool, and through social media, you don’t have to worry about pitching guest posts.

In order to get the edge with your SEO campaign, definitely consider using a social media strategy with it. There are more benefits than you think.

Hardwood Floor Repair Tips for Torontonians

Hardwood floors are typically easy to maintain, however, they are still susceptible to getting scratched, becoming worn or getting gouged. However, before you call the professionals, there may be a few things you can do on your own to fix your hardwood floors in Toronto. We will now take a closer look at a few of them.

One of the most common problems that hardwood floors have is the fact that they get worn down over time. This is especially true in high traffic areas of the home and it can make your floors look quite old. So, in order to fix this problem yourself, you will need a sander or some sanding paper and you should start sanding the area as well as the area around the worn down spots.

You will then need to experiment with different floor urethane to see which ones provide a finish as close to the original. You can test on a patch of floor that is under the bed or under a chair etc. It is important that you get the sheen right, whether that be satin, semi gloss or gloss finish.

Next, another common problem that you will have to deal with are scratches on the floor. These can happen from your pet’s claws, high heeled shoes etc. Light scratches can be fixed by using a solution like Scratch Away by Lumber Liquidators. However, if the scratches are quite deep, then you will need to sand them down and then re-stain or re-finish them.

In closing, we have just looked at two of the most common problems that most people have with their hardwood floors. As you can see, they are easily fixed on your own and all it requires is a little elbow grease. However, if you want to make sure your floors are properly repaired, then be sure to hire professional help.